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The Ultimate Student Meal Kit featuring Tayto/Sukie/Punjana

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The Ultimate Student Meal Kit featuring Tayto/Sukie/Punjana


  • Product Description

      Uni 2020 will be remembered for maybe the wrong reasons, but let it also be remembered for that time four of the most iconic brands in Northern Ireland came together to create the Ultimate Student Meal Kit!

      Inspired by the generations of NI mummies who have been sending care packs to every part of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales to their “butter wouldn’t melt” wee angels studying away from home.

      Let’s be honest, how is any student expected to go 3 months without a packet of Tayto Cheese & Onion, cartons of Sukie Orange and a cup of Thompson's Punjana Tea? Impossible. Nobody does crisps, juice and tea like our wee country.

      It also turns out that nowhere does burritos like Boojum. Now in one simple box, you can satisfy every craving from your home-away-from-home and finally settle those arguments with your new uni mates on who does it best.


      · 550g marinated chicken thighs
      · 14x 6 inch flour tortillas
      · 1x large green bell pepper
      · 1x large red bell pepper
      · 1x large red onion
      · 600g Mexican rice
      · 200g grated cheese
      · 200ml sour cream
      · 200g tomato salsa
      · 200g salsa verde
      · 1 x 6 Pack Tayto Cheese & Onion
      · 2 x Sukie Orange 500ml
      · 1 x box Thompson's Punjana Tea Bags (80)

      We’re not just big on flavour, we aren’t shy with the portion sizes either. Build your Boojum exactly how you want it, with each kit able to make four large bowls or 14 tasty filled tortillas. Enough to feed four and then some.

      Delivered to your door fully chilled and ready to serve in as little as 15 minutes with minimal prep, our unique Boojum meal kits are perfect for any Mexican night in – just add the margaritas!


      It couldn’t be easier to place your Boojum order online – simply select your quantity, click Add To Cart and proceed to checkout.

      Then, select your preferred delivery date and we’ll do the rest, packaging up all your ingredients fresh to be delivered at your door fully chilled and ready to cook!


      We only use the highest-quality ingredients and cook them fresh to order just before they’re packaged up and sent, so that they’ll arrive at your door in the freshest possible condition.

      Once your kit has been delivered, simply unpack the ingredients and keep them refrigerated until you’re ready to cook.

      Each meal kit will have a three-day best before date marked on the side of the box, which lets you know the exact date of production and when to use it by. Please always use by the ‘best before’ date for the best possible Boojum At Home experience.


      Our Boojum At Home meal kits are made using the exact same fresh, high-quality ingredients our chefs cook with in-store. Some of these ingredients contain allergens, click here for allergen information.  For Tayto/Dale Farm or Punjana products please check the back of pack or product website for info.

      Although we do not use nuts in our food, please be aware that ingredients may contain traces of nuts.


      Although all of our meat is purchased as a boneless product, our suppliers cannot guarantee the removal of all bones. In exceptional circumstances, bones may be found.

      Please consume Boojum items while hot.


      We’re working extremely hard to use sustainable packaging and reduce waste wherever possible. All of the packaging for our Boojum At Home kits is fully recyclable, including the box and pouches.

      Better yet, our innovative Woolcool insulation packing is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional coolboxes and is made from 100% pure sheep’s wool. Natural, reusable and recyclable, it’s also fully biodegradable and compostable!

      Find out more about our Woolcool packaging here.

      For Tayto/Dale Farm or Punjana products please check the back of pack or product website for info.